Let Sue’s celebrity dogs assist with the wellness of your staff.

The JOY Dogs create an entirely unique environment that helps staff to step out of their stressful work situations with no pressure, no judgment, no deadlines. It’s a chance for staff to re-charge and re-focus.

It is well documented that there are psychological benefits to interacting with dogs – it de-stresses, reduces blood pressure, and increases serotonin and other “feel good”  hormones.  There is also a visual and physical JOY in spending time in the presence of these adorable animals.

The dogs bring in energy and encourage communication.

“Dogs also serve as a reminder to let loose, have some fun, and live in the moment! There are few things more fun and mood-boosting.” (Cesar Milan)

The JOY Dogs will show off their amazing tricks they’ve learnt at school.

Your staff is guaranteed to walk out smiling after a wonderful encounter with this huggable handful.

What people have said about our Wellness initiatives

Ex-Doberman club dog trainer – Your dogs are such good medicine

A psychologist – People are more inspired and motivated after the visit – interacting with the dogs improves focus and concentration

No matter who you are time-out with the dogs makes a difference

See more information about the benefits of interacting with dogs on our Therapy Dogs page