Katharine Lee Thank you Maureen and Joy Dogs for the wonderful visit to G.E.M. Homes. They brought so much love and laughter and healing to some of our most senior citizens that the hall literally ‘glowed’ and everyone felt so much better for the rest of the day. Your visit was truly an awesome experience.


Katharine Lee

Dear Sue, Maureen, Jazmine, Yola and Oscar

On behalf of the Management, Residents and Staff of the Ann Harding Cheshire Home, thank you so much for your visit to our Home on Mandela Day.

It was an absolute priviledge to meet you all, and to see how beautiful and well behaved you are.

Visits like this mean so very much to our Residents, most of whom are confined to wheelchairs, and have limited opportunities to get out and experience new things.  Meeting Jazmine, Yola and Oscar was a highlight for all of us.

It was lovely to meet you, and to be able to show you around our Home. We hope that the Home can continue to enjoy a relationship with JOY Dogs into the future.

With very best wishes

Ann Harding Chehire Home

Jackie KyleFundraising and Charity Shop ManagerAnn Harding Cheshire Home

The residents in the Hamlet who cannot work really look forward to Oscar’s visits, and talk about him afterwards.

They love to see Sue teaching him tricks. He seems to relax them, and they can stroke him without fear.

Even those who are withdrawn and seldom react are attracted to reach out to him. He really brings them joy!

HamletRegents ParkJohannesburg

Good Morning Sue,

It was absolutely a wonderful day yesterday.  The residents enjoyed it very much.  When you left for the Alzheimer’s unit, I asked them whether they would like to have the dogs here again.  And it came like a choir:  “Yes, Yes,  Please!”  You should have noticed that some were in tears because of the dogs, not because they were afraid of them, but out of joy.  They are really JOY-DOGS. Even the staff, and particularly Christa enjoyed it a lot!

We intend to get them regularly in future.

Chris Engelbrecht


Orlando Childrens HomeLife with Oscar

Hi Sue,

Thanks so much for this memorable experience and for sharing the three loving sweeties with our oldies,they loved it.  They all had pets when at home, and many had to leave them behind when coming here.  I believe pets are given to us by God to fill the gaps of unconditional love and positive regard, especially to those who are so broken and lonely

Thank you for lightening up our day.

ChantallSocial WorkerPark Care

Hi Sue,

Likewise, great to meet you too. Your dogs blew me away, I look forward to working with you and the Joy dogs again .

I’ll keep you updated on the article.


David Klompas

Intern journalist  Rosebank Killarney Gazette

Caxton Local Newspapers | Joburg North branch | 368 Jan Smuts Avenue | Craighall Park

David Klompas

Thank you so much for letting me come and help you with your show, I had a lovely time and really enjoyed meeting you are your dogs.

They are amazing and I think your show is great and just perfect for elderly people to have a smile put on their faces.

I would LOVE to help you in the future and I look forward to hearing from

From Glenys Theron and Kim from Rubber Stamp Productions

You have no idea how happy you made my Mum today. She can’t go out, so little things like this bring such happiness to her.

My Mum is my entire life, and to see her so happy this morning – all I can say is God Bless.

Glenys Theron Thank you Sue for a stroll down memory lane and for letting Oscar sit with me for a while. I so appreciated your visit.

Megan von Maltitz

All your work is infused with respect, love, consideration and uplifts the soul

Louis Touyz

I know you are doing work that is motivated by the right spirit and values and so I know that it will grow and develop and make a difference in the world.

Patti BlackhearstSt Peters School